Description of Services

Membership to the Pencil Puzzles site gives you access to printable puzzles (currently 130+ choices). Puzzles are not mailed, emailed or downloaded, they must be printed directly from the site, so you must have access to both a printer and internet connection. Memberships last for 12 months from the date of payment.

Acceptable Use

Puzzles may be used for personal, non-commercial use only. Members may share puzzle printouts among those in their household or guests at a party. Teachers may use printed puzzles as part of a classroom activity. Day Care, Community and Senior centers may use printed puzzles as part of daily activities. Projects that help charity are also encouraged.

Prohibited Use

You may not sell the puzzles. You may not redistribute puzzles (i.e. forums, weblogs, eBay, etc). You may not alter or repackage puzzles for redistribution in any form or on any media.

You may not share your password with other people. IP addresses are recorded with each login to detect an unreasonable number of computers accessing the same account.

If any of these terms are broken, reserves the right to cancel a membership at its discretion, without refunding membership fees.

If you have any questions regarding this Member Agreement, please contact us.